Your new Palm Beach Acura TLX is Acura's technological tour de force, featuring everything from upgraded electronics inside, to torque vectoring Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive underneath. It includes the new look of Acura up front with the new dynamic five-sided grille, and swept back roofline that is as exciting to look at as it is to drive!  If you are anything like us, you know that we enjoy our time behind the wheel, and to that end, we know you'll want to keep your new Acura TLX running like new. The Palm Beach Acura Maintenance Department is ready and willing with factory trained service technicians and factory approved parts your new Palm Beach Acura. Your new Acura TLX Owner's Manual will inform you of a full schedule of maintenance items, as well as complete instructions on the operation of your new Acura. Additionally, your Palm Beach Acura service advisor is available for advice and to help you schedule a service appointment whenever you, or your Acura TLX need it.

Your new Acura TLX is equipped with the new Acura Maintenance Minder, which advises and reminds you of pending, occurring, or missed service events. It is the brain box of your new Acura TLX. Through an indicator light that appears on your Acura TLX's Multi-Information Display Screen, the minder alerts you with a series of codes that correspond to certain maintenance requirements that occur through mileage or time. Categorized into two groups and six categories, the first group of Acura TLX alerts are listed in Code A and Code B alerts. The second batch shows up numerically as Codes 1 to Code 6. Some of the groupings will be for multiple service items.

•    Oil and Filter Changes are probably the two easiest, and most important maintenance items to take care of on your new Palm Beach Acura TLX. Conventional or Synthetic (recommended) oils help to keep your Acura lubricated and performing smoothly while a new oil filter helps to keep the oil as clean as possible while doing its job. The Acura Maintenance Minder will display a Code A alert to let you know of a pending required action. A good rule of thumb is to have this task completed within 500 miles of first seeing the alert.

•    Code B is the much larger umbrella that encompasses nearly everything else that needs checking. That includes an oil and filter change, once again, and additional services that should be performed at the same time. They include an inspection of the steering gearbox and boot, tie rod end inspections, a brake line check as well as an inspection of the hoses that are responsible for ABS brakes and Vehicle Stability Assist.  Brake pads and a brake line connection inspection should also occur, along with a look at the fuel line, exhaust system, driveshaft boots, suspension components, a validation of the date on the temporary spare tire kit, and finally a check of all fluid levels and their conditions.

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 Numeric Codes:

•    We never tire of tires. Still, it would surprise you how tires are neglected. That's why the Acura Maintenance Minder is there to keep you informed, showing you a Code 1 notification that reminds you when it's time for a tire rotation. As an aside, it's always a good idea to have the tires rotated before you take your car in for an alignment. Rotation moves your Acura TLX's tires from the front to the rear and vice versa for even wear at all four corners.

•    Think of your new Acura TLX as a living, breathing thing. To that end, the Acura Maintenance Minder will show a Code 2 alert letting you know that your Palm Beach Acura TLX is in need of a new air filter that lets it breathe freely. With the same alert, it is also time to replace the in-cabin air filter. The in-cabin filter helps to eliminate odors, pollen, dust and everyday funny smells from getting inside your Acura TLX. The Code 2 alert is also a reminder to have your Palm Beach Acura service technician check the drive belt.

•    When you see a Code 3 on the multifunction display, it means that it's time to change the transmission and transfer case (on TLX models with SH-AWD) fluids on your Palm Beach Acura TLX. It's especially critical if you travel over mountainous regions. In this situation, your Acura TLX Owner's Manual recommends changing it at 40,000 miles and every 30,000 miles thereafter. It helps to prolong the life of the powertrain in your Palm Beach Acura MDX.

•    The timing belt and spark plugs on your Palm Beach Acura TLX are up for replacement with the appearance of a Code 4 alert on the Acura Maintenance Minder. At the same time, it's a good idea to inspect the engine's water pump and its valve clearances, the former which should be inspected more frequently if you regularly take your Acura TLX in high temperature or extremely cold situations (typically in 110-degree heat).

•    Stay Cool. Coolant keeps your Napleton Acura TLX warm in winter and cool in summer. The Code 5 alert means it's time to replace the TLX's coolant. After a long operating period, the coolant's effectiveness may become weakened. This replacement prevents your TLX from overheating, which could lead to a mechanical malfunction.

•    The Acura Maintenance Minder will flash a Code 6 alert when it's the proper time for a rear differential fluid replacement. Designed to provide proper lubrication at the rear portion of your TLX's Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system, it should be changed more frequently if your Napleton Acura is subjected to higher heat and stress conditions like mountainous driving.

•    Although it does not come with its own alert, your Palm Beach Acura Service Advisor recommends changing your brake fluid every three years. Additionally, if noisy, the engine's valves should be adjusted, during alerts for services A, B and 1, 2, and 3.

With these alpha-numeric codes, we're just getting started! In addition to the alerts you receive from the Acura Maintenance Minder, your TLX Owner's Manual offers a wealth of advice to help keep your Palm Beach Acura TLX running as it did when you bought it. These are just a few examples:

Wiped Up.  Smear vs Clear. What do your wiper blades do? If your windshield wipers are just swish-swishing back and forth, it's a clear sign that they have nearly left the building. Replacing your old wipers with fresh Acura-Approved wiper blades every six months couldn't be easier than at Palm Beach Acura. With the typical high heat and humidity that occurs here in South Florida, not to mention the rains that come with it, we are lucky to get six months of service from a pair of wipers. Your Palm Beach Acura Service Department stocks a full line of Wiper Blades made specifically for your new Acura TLX.

  Tire Rotation: Have you ever taken the Lincoln Head Penny test? It's a quick way to find the current status and wear of your Acura TLX's tires. If the front tires show wear while the rear tires appear new, we'll bet you "forgot" to rotate them in quite a while. Rotation helps keep the wear pattern relatively equal at both ends of your Acura TLX. By simply performing the "Lincoln Head Penny Test," you can see whether the tires are beyond their useful life or not. Insert a Penny "head-first" into the tire's tread. If you can see the top of Honest Abe's head, it's time for a change. If Lincoln's head gets cut off at his nose, or better yet, his neck, that means there's plenty of life in your current set of tires.  Your Palm Beach Acura service advisor is your source for more information as well as new tires at competitive prices.

Getting Straight:  Is your Acura TLX pulling to the left or the right, even though you want to go straight? You are probably in need of alignment. That's not to worry though, because Palm Beach Acura is fully-equipped to realign your Acura TLX to factory specifications in no time. A Napleton Pro Tip: Before getting a proper alignment, always balance and rotate your tires in an effort to maintain even tire wear at all four corners of your new Palm Beach Acura TLX.

Stopping Tech: As high-tech as your Acura TLX is, stopping power still comes down to brake pads and rotors. But they should be inspected at regular intervals that, for safety and convenience sake, coincide with your oil changes. Driving aggressively can wear down your brake pads faster; Use them too aggressively and they can grind into the rotors too, requiring a complete replacement of both pads and rotors together. Regular inspections will insure that you have ample stopping power for your new Acura. For more information on your TLX braking system, consult your Acura TLX Owner's Manual or your Palm Beach Acura service advisor.

For more important tips and information, consult your Palm Beach Acura TLX's Owner's manual on how to get the most out of your new Acura TLX. Additionally, the Palm Beach Acura service department and its staff of professional advisors are standing by to offer more help and assistance today.  Please call for more information today.