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Acura's innovative approach to luxury sports sedans and SUV's provides an exhilarating, cutting-edge, and luxurious  driving experience that reflects the standards and quality  rooted deep in our legacy.  For more than 30 years, every Acura  model has been engineered to deliver precision crafted performance.  Which is achieved through superior engineering and design, and a lifelong commitment to pushing the limits.  Acura  has redefined luxury with it's  one of a kind leading class luxury car and SUV models. 

Believe it or not, these are not your average  luxury vehicles.  Acura recognizes the value of  delivering affordable luxury, comfort, and performance. And, they put they put this into action with an incredible blend of first class features, performance, and room. All the while, giving you more standards,  and less excuses.  Acura Luxury Cars and SUVs are the future of automobiles.

 If you think you deserve more luxury,  visit Napleton's Palm Beach Acura Dealership, and  see what we have in store for you. Whether you are looking for an Acura Sedan Model, or  an Acura SUV model, you'll be amazed by what we have waiting for you. Even if you are looking for an Acura Super Car,  Palm Beach Acura  has just what you are looking for.

Each of our Acura models have been designed to help you raise your standards without compromising the features you love most.  So, come experience the future today. Explore our incredible selection of  Acura luxury cars and SUVS, below.

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Acura ILX West Palm Beach

Want more room and luxury at your convenience? Then the Palm Beach Acura ILX is the perfect car for you. It carries a powerful 2.4L 4-Cylinder Engine that generates  201 horsepower, while maintaining an extremely low fuel economy. It's interior gives you more room than you can  imagine. And it's filled with comfortable rich leather seats that are designed to meet all of your deepest desires. The countless innovative features integrated into this vehicle keep you moving forward, enhancing your driving experience, giving you the drive of your  life. Keep reading to learn more about the Palm Beach Acura ILX.

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Acura TLX Palm Beach

The 2019 Acura TLX is one of the best mid-sized cars on the road. This vehicle combines  super car technology with an exhilarating 2.4L 4-Cylinder  Engine to put the thrill of driving right in your hands. All the while delivering maximum performance, with  complete control over the road.  It's stacked with elite features and advanced cutting edge technology. And it gives you plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your next drive. If you want to learn more about the Palm Beach Acura TLX, keep reading.
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Acura RLX Palm Beach

The  Acura RLX is pushing the limit. Accelerating with an exhilarating V6 Engine, this vehicle will leave you speechless. Inside, you will discover power adjustable heated leather seats, Hands-Free Bluetooth Technology, and more. You've never seen a luxury car give you so much for so little. Plus, it also gives you all the  room you need to  enjoy your next adventure. Keep reading so you can learn more about the Palm Beach Acura RLX.

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Acura RDX Palm Beach

Come experience a luxurious mid-sized crossover SUV that brings together all of your needs, wants, and desires in one place.  This vehicle invites adventure with a vigorous 3.5L  V6 Engine  that produces  279 horsepower. Plus, it fits right into your lifestyle with a spacious luxury designed interior furnished with comfortable rich leather  seats. And, it gives you the added advantage of a spacious cargo area. All the while, providing you with more standard features than you can imagine. Keep reading, so you can learn more about the Palm Beach Acura RDX.

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Acura MDX Palm Beach

Stand out whenever you step inside of a  luxurious Palm Beach Acura MDX. Three-row seven passenger seating, 290 horsepower, and advanced cutting technology  calls you take your adventure even further. Alongside the comfortable rich leather three-row seven passenger seating, you will find plenty of room for everything you could imagine. This SUV offers an experience you won't find anywhere else. Keep reading, so you can learn more about the amazing Acura MDX.

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Acura NSX Palm Beach

The new Acura NSX was the 2017 performance car of the year. Engineered with  power and creativity,  this vehicle takes super cars to a whole new level.With over 500 horsepower,  sport hybrid super handling, and high speed stability, you are in for something special. At every turn, you are going to get to experience complete precision and accuracy, that you can only find in an Acura. With advanced aerodynamic technology, and downturn features, this car is a must drive for everyone. Keep reading so you can learn more about the Palm Beach Acura NSX.
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