Your new Palm Beach Acura MDX is one of Acura's most popular three-row crossover vehicles fully capable of hauling a family and their things around the neighborhood or across the nation.  Featuring the new look of Acura, it includes the latest in technology and reliability to offer you driving pleasure for years to come.

We know you will want to keep your new Acura running like new. To that end, Palm Beach Acura's Maintenance Department is ready and willing with factory trained service technicians and factory approved parts for your new Palm Beach Acura. Your new  Acura MDX Owner's Manual offers a full schedule of maintenance items, as well as complete instructions on the proper operation of your new Acura. Additionally, your Palm Beach Acura service advisor is only a phone call away to help schedule service appointments to keep your Acura MDX running like new.

The new Acura Maintenance Minder is the heartbeat of your new Acura MDX. An indicator light appears on your Acura MDX's Multi-Information Display Screen. This alerts you to service intervals you may be reaching with this award-winning crossover. The Minder is programed to display alerts telling you of upcoming or missed service intervals on your MDX service schedule. With it, you'll receive a Service Due Soon indicator, a Service Due Now message, or in case you missed it, a Service Past Due alert. The first group of Acura MDX alerts are listed in alpha Code A and Code B alerts. The second batch shows up as numeric grouping Codes 1 to Code 6. Some of the groupings will be for multiple service items.

•    Oil and Filter Changes are the easiest of maintenance items for your new Palm Beach Acura MDX. The two help to keep your Acura operating smoothly through the variety of conditions you are likely to encounter during the operation of your vehicle. The Acura Maintenance Minder system will display a Code A alert to let you know of a pending required action. Choose between conventional or synthetic motor oil, but for gosh sakes, choose something!

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•    A much larger list of maintenance items are scheduled under Code B: In addition to an oil and filter change, Code B adds additional services that should be performed at the same time. They include a steering gearbox and boot inspection, tie rod ends inspections, a check of the brake lines and hoses that are responsible for ABS brakes and Vehicle Stability Assist, a brake pad and brake line connection inspection, a fuel line inspection, exhaust system inspection, inspections of the driveshaft boots, suspension components, an inspection of the date on the temporary spare tire kit, and finally a check of all fluid levels and their conditions.

Numeric Codes:

•    No one ever thinks of tires. Of course we're kidding, but you would be surprised at how some tend to take them for granted. In this case, as noted by the Acura Maintenance Minder's Code 1, it's time to rotate them-which is also a good idea to do before having the vehicle aligned. Rotation moves the tires of your Napleton Acura MDX that have been on the front end of your Acura to the rear so that wear is occurring evenly at all four corners of the car.

•    Pure air is so important to the well-being of your new Acura MDX. With a Code 2 alert, Your Acura Service technician will check the condition of your 3.5-liter V6 engine's air filter element, to keep the MDX's power unit breathing freely. It's also the same time to replace the in-cabin air filter. The in-cabin filter helps to eliminate odors, pollen and dust from getting into the interior of your Napleton Acura MDX.
•    Care of your transmission fluid is another crucial step towards a long life with your Palm Beach Acura MDX. Indicated by a Code 3, it means that it's time to change the transmission fluid. This is especially crucial if you like taking your MDX on road trips through mountainous regions. In this case Acura suggests a change of the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. It helps to prolong the life of the transmission in your Napleton Palm Beach Acura MDX.

•    Spark Plugs and the timing belt on your Palm Beach Acura MDX should be replaced when you receive a Code 4 alert. At the same time, it's a good idea to inspect the engine's valve clearances, and its water pump, the latter which should be inspected more frequently if consistently driven in high temperature situations (typically in 110-degree heat).

•    Keep your cool. Your Acura MDX relies on its coolant to keep operating around the clock regardless of the outside ambient temperature. The Code 5 alert means it's time to replace your Acura MDX's Engine Coolant. This coolant replacement prevents your MDX from overheating, which could lead to a mechanical malfunction. We replace it at this time because over a certain period, the coolant could break down causing it to lose its effectiveness.

•    Code 6 will appear on the Acura Maintenance Minder alert screen when is the proper time to have your rear differential fluid replaced. Designed to provide proper lubrication at the rear portion of your MDX's Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system, it should be changed more frequently if the MDX is subjected to higher heat and stress conditions like mountainous driving.

•    Although it does not come with its own alert, your Palm Beach Acura service advisor recommends changing your brake fluid every three years. Additionally, if noisy, the engine's valves should be adjusted, during alerts for services A, B and 1, 2, and 3.

These alpha-numeric codes that show up in your Maintenance Minder are just a start. You can keep your Acura MDX in top shape by also being aware of these other tips which will help your Palm Beach Acura MDX to continue running as it did when you bought it.

Don't Get Wiped!  It's a definite sign your wipers are missing in action if they do more smearing than clearing of rain and snow from your windshield. At Palm Beach Acura, we recommend replacing your old wipers with fresh Acura-Approved wiper blades every six months. South Florida's tropical heat, and the rains that come with it, all do their part to shorten the life of your MDX's wipers. Your Palm Beach Acura Service Department stocks a full line of Acura-Approved Wiper Blades made specifically for your new Acura MDX.

Tire Rotation: If you notice your front tires are wearing down while the rear tires appear relatively new, chances are they haven't been rotated in a while. If care was taken to rotate the tires on your vehicle, all the tires would have worn equally at all four corners. A simple test involving a "Lincoln Head Penny" can show whether the tires are beyond their useful life or not. Just insert a Lincoln Penny "head-first" into the tire's tread. If you can see the top of Honest Abe's head, it's time for a change. If Lincoln's head disappears into the tread, that means there's still life in your current set of tires.  Your Palm Beach Acura service advisor is your source for more information.

Straighten Up:  Do you feel as though your Acura MDX is pulling to the left or the right, without you actually steering in those directions? You are probably out of alignment. Your Acura MDX is probably out of alignment, too (!). But don't worry, because your Palm Beach Acura service advisor can get your Acura MDX aligned and back on track in no time. A Napleton Pro Tip: Before getting a proper alignment, always balance and rotate your tires in an effort to maintain even tire wear at all four corners of your new Palm Beach Acura MDX.

Stopping Power: Brake Pads and Rotors provide the best stopping power for your new Palm Beach Acura MDX. But they need to be inspected at regular intervals that usually coincide with your oil changes. Driving aggressively can cause brake pad material to get used up faster, requiring replacement much sooner. Regular inspections will insure that you have ample stopping power for your new Acura. For more information on your MDX's braking system, consult your Acura MDX Owner's Manual or your Napleton Palm Beach Acura service advisor.

By the way, your Palm Beach Acura MDX's Owner's Manual offers more tips and information to get the most out of your new Acura MDX. Additionally, the Palm Beach Acura service department and its staff of professional advisors are standing by to offer help and assistance today.  Please call for more information today.

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