Finding a mechanic for your new Acura West Palm Beach

You've made your best offer and done the deal. Now what? Or you've picked up a gently-used Acura from our pre-owned department. Where will you go for regular maintenance and service? We hope you will come right back to the Service Department at Palm Beach Acura West Palm Beach.  Why, though?

Experience: We're glad you asked. Napleton Auto Group hasn't lasted since 1931 by treating their customers like anything other than family. For four generations, the Napleton family has been expertly selling and servicing customers, first in Chicago's South Side, and now at dealerships located in six states around the United States.

Training: Our Palm Beach Acura Service Technicians receive the latest in factory training protocols from Acura/Honda trainers who travel the country teaching the techs how to deal with the latest technology finding its way into your new Acura. As today's cars, trucks and SUVs become more and more complicated, with current hybrid already on the street, and autonomous vehicles just about to go mainstream, it's time to come to a specialist who has been trained from day one on how to fix your new high-tech Acura.

Parts: The latest Acura Cars and SUVs are high-tech tours de force that require a skilled set of hands and a strong mind to restore to their proper working order. Parts count too, and as such with the state of technology as it is today, nothing but proper and genuine Acura and Acura-approved parts will do. That's why it's best to see your  Palm Beach Acura Parts and Service Advisor for more information and the parts you need.

Proper Equipment: Contrary to what some do-it-yourself television shows will have you believe, the screw driver is not the answer to every handyman's prayers. That's why it is necessary to go to a repair center that has the proper equipment for the job. Acura Palm Beach is equipped with the latest in Acura- and Honda-recommended equipment to repair your Acura and Honda as specified by the factory. Your Acura Palm Beach service advisor will be able to give you more information.

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Comfortable waiting room: We understand how some customers who drop off their Acura of Palm Beach Car or SUV want to get in and out as far as their repairs are concerned. Some may even opt to pick up one of the loaner vehicles (supply is limited) so they could continue in their way to work or whatever was next on their daily schedule. But maybe your day is not as hectic as that. In which case, may we suggest that you relax in our spacious Service Department waiting room. There, in addition to flat-screen television, you will be treated to Starbucks Coffee, Snacks, and high-speed Wi-Fi if you have some work to do or are just interested in surfing the web .And if the kids are along for the ride, they are free to play in our Acura Children's Play Area.
Follow the Acura Maintenance Minder

Your Palm Beach Acura is equipped with a Maintenance Minder that alerts you according to certain service and mileage intervals. Based on alpha-numeric codes, they break down the intervals into specific packages:

Code A: Your Acura is ready for its next oil and filter change. If a Service Due Now indicator does not appear after a year's time, an oil change should occur immediately. Regardless, your Pam Beach Acura service advisor should be your first line in defensive car care.

Code B: Is another oil and filter change that includes an exhaust system and fuel line inspection, a brake line check and an examination of hoses used by the ABS brakes and Vehicle Stability Assist systems. Inspections of the driveshaft boots, suspension components, tie rod ends, steering gearbox and CV boots, as well as an inspection of the date on the temporary spare tire kit. A look-see of the brake pads, brake line connections and finally a check of all fluid levels and their conditions occur at this stage.

Numeric Codes:

Code 1: It's time to rotate the tires on your Acura. It's also a good practice every time you come into Napleton Palm Beach Acura for an alignment. Rotation moves the tires on your Acura from front to rear so that the wear is occurring evenly at both ends.

Code 2: Check in with your Palm Beach Acura Service Technician who will examine the condition of your Acura's engine air filter element and in-cabin air filter. The in-cabin filter helps to eliminate odors, pollen and dust that may try to get into the vehicle's interior.

Code 3: means it's time to change your transmission fluid. Especially important if you regularly take your Acura on road trips in mountainous regions, your Acura Owner's Manual suggests a change of the transmission fluid at the 30,000 mile mark and then every 25,000 miles thereafter.

Code 4: This tells you it's Spark Plug replacement time. It's also a good time to inspect the condition of the timing belt, and to inspect and perform, if needed, an engine valves adjustment.

Code 5: The time to replace the engine coolant is when Code 5 appears. The coolant prevents your Acura from overheating in summer and freezing in winter, either of which could lead to a mechanical malfunction. Replacement is important because, over time, the coolant could break down causing it to lose its effectiveness.

Code 6: This is a code that varies according to the model of Acura car or SUV that you drive.

Although not part of any code above, your Acura's Brake Fluid should be replaced every three years.

As always, the owner's manual from your Palm Beach Acura will offer more information on the operation and service schedule of your new Acura vehicle. Additionally, the service department and advisors at Acura Palm Beach are eager to offer you professional service that will keep your new Acura product running and feeling like new. Call for more information today.

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