Lexus IS 250 VS Acura TLX

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Acura TLX VS Lexus IS 250

Comparing the Acura TLX VS the Lexus IS 250
If you are looking for a great comparison of the Lexus IS 250 and the Acura TLX keep reading below for a great comparison of the two vehicles.  

  Acura TLX

Starting at  $31,695

Lexus IS 250

Starting at $36,550

206 HP
204 HP
  Gas Mileage Epa Mpg
24 City and  35 Hwy
  Gas Mileage Epa Mpg
21 City and  30 Hwy
  8-speed dual-clutch automatic
6-speed automatic 

There are many other features that you may be surprised to see the Lexus does not offer and the Acura does.  On a new Acura you get the text and email smart phone integration standard with each vehicle. This feature is very convenient to have while you are in your vehicle. This feature is not one offered on the Lexus. If you have trouble seeing at night like many of us one important thing that we believe should be standard on all cars is LED headlights.  These headlights will light up the road ahead making it easier and safer for you to drive at night!  LED headlights are standard on Acuras and not standard on the Lexus models. A popular feature that has to do with the vehicles handling is the standard (2wd Models) all wheel steering.  This is an amazing feature that will really show itself around the turns when you are driving in your Acura.  

Safety Acura VS Lexus

If safety is a concern for you like everybody else, do not worry.  Acura vehicles come with Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) with head-up warning, Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system and Road Departure Mitigation system each one standard on your new Acura vehicle and not the Lexus IS 250. While both vehicles have great safety features with the standard features you can find on the Acura TLX it is an easy decision to make about Safety and features. 


 Lastly, we will cover room in the vehicles Lexus IS 250 and in the Acura TLX.  If you travel a lot for business or pleasure you want to make sure that not only yourself but your guests are comfortable.  The Acura TLX makes that possible with a rear leg room of 34.5 vs the Lexus model at 32.2.  While the Lexus has  a rear shoulder room of 53.4 the Acura comes in at 55.4.  Two inches can make a big difference when you are sitting in the back seat of a vehicle.  We wrap up with the rear hip room in the Acura TLX of 54.9 larger than the hip room in the Lexus IS250 which comes in at 54.0.  As you can see your guests will be traveling much more comfortable in the back seat of your new Acura vehicle.  


While both cars are beautiful and well made cars, as you can see above the Acura TLX is  a great way to go for safety, room, horsepower and gas mileage which are some of the most important things to look for when you are purchasing a new vehicle in this class.  We hope you got the information you needed from our review of the Acura TLX and the Lexus IS 250.  If you have any questions that we can answer please feel free to contact us here.  If you would like to see the New Acura Inventory Click here and if you are looking for a Pre-owned Acura Click Here.